A few years back, I was at the March For Life and I was really frustrated by the completely biased news coverage. So, I tried to buy one of the March for Life domain names.

I'm not sure how I landed this domain name in late 2011, but I'm grateful to whoever allowed it to go back onto the market so that I could make the purchase. I rolled out something small for the 2012 March. Over the past year, I have continued to accumulate photos and links. In addition, I've been able to begin to make some improvements. I've added youtube and a picasa photo section! You can now rate news and videos!

This is exciting for me, because it is an opportunity to create a record of undeniable facts about the massive size of the March For Life and the tremendous youthfulness of the pro-life movement. It's amazing every year to see the pictures of others when I cannot make it and to see the march itself when I can make it. Every religion (or no religion). Every skin color. More women than men. And, more young people than ever before.

I'm hoping to continue to expand the photo capability so that we can incorporate photos from addition sources. And, I'd like to improve the blog section so that we can get some regular automatic updates from popular pro-life bloggers about the various Marches for Life. After that, I'm hoping to really improve the home page so that it is more asthetically attractive. Then, I hope to reach out to the various pro-life ministries out there to see how this website can be helpful in the future and to co-ordinate our efforts.

Thanks for visiting!

Bill Mild